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Spring Cleaning Tips from the Professionals

4/14/2016 (Permalink)

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Here in New Jersey it looks like the temperatures are finally (hopefully!) on the rise. That means it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning. The Institute for Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is a professional organization from which all our crew members have certification. The IICRC has some great recommendations that can be used for cleaning or maintaining any commercial or residential property.

Focus on high-traffic areas

  • The most obvious are areas near entrances to the outside, but dirt can also accumulate where flooring changes, such as from carpet to hardwood or tile. Cooking oil, pet dander, and dust mites are also common issues. Thoroughly vacuum all high-traffic areas and frequently-used rooms.

Clean and rinse hard floors

  • To keep your carpets clean, keep your other floors clean as well to discourage dirt from being tracked from one surface to the next. Disposable cleaning pads or reusable mops or microfiber pads should all be followed by rinsing to remove residue.

Check care instructions for upholstery before treating stains

  • Using the wrong solvent, temperature, or even water on some materials can result in more issues than those caused by the original stain. If you are unsure, call in SERVPRO and we can clean and assess almost every kind of upholstery. For more information, see Carpets and Upholstery Cleaning.

Consider deep cleaning your carpets and rugs

  • No matter how thick your carpet, it is likely hiding a good deal of dust, dirt, and oily residues. As with upholstery, the wrong treatment of stains can cause more issues, particularly if left for long periods of time. SERVPRO will use our years of professional knowledge to assess the individual needs of your carpets and rugs. The IICRC recommends a deep clean every year. 

Check for moisture where it shouldn’t be

  • In the winter, heavy snow or expanding ice can cause damage that is only apparent once it has begun to melt (as in the situation we took care of at this local Hillborough church). Check walls and ceilings for stains, and don’t forget areas like the basement or attic that you only rarely see. You want to take care of moisture issues before they become mold issues.
  • If you do find moisture you want to consult a contractor or structural engineer to ensure the source has been stopped, then call SERVPRO to come in and make sure everything is dry and remove materials damaged beyond repair (see Building and Reconstruction Services). If the situation has progressed to mold, we are also highly experienced in mold remediation. See Mold Remediation and Restoration for more information.

Don’t forget HVAC

  • The season change is always a good time to assess the state of your HVAC system, whether it might need a checkup by a HVAC professional or a thorough duct cleaning. SERVPRO is certified to do duct cleaning and has experience in everything from small houses to large commercial spaces. Many factors affect how frequently they need to be cleaned, but the IICRC recommends about every three years. For more information, see about SERVPRO’s Air Duct and HVAC Cleaning.

Our professionally trained and licensed SERVPRO cleaning technicians would be happy to help you with any or all of these projects. Call us today at 908-222-2020.


IICRC: Get a Sparkling Home This Spring with IICRC’s Cleaning Checklist