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Restoring Fire-Damaged Properties

7/19/2023 (Permalink)

Whenever a person has experienced a fire in their home or business it can be devastating for any property owner. With the help of professional restoration service providers such as SERVPRO of Bridgewater, it is possible to restore your fire-damaged property back to its preloss condition. Dealing with property damage that has been caused by a fire can be extremely stressful, we will help you through the entire process from beginning to end.

The first course of action that is taken upon arrival at the damaged property, the team will conduct a detailed assessment to evaluate the extent of the damage. Depending how much of the structure is affected would affect how long the assessment will take. Here at SERVPRO of Bridgewater, we prioritize safety and will take the necessary precautions, such as ensuring the structure is safe and stable to conduct work in along with preventing further damages from occurring. Safety hazards like electrical issues or compromised structural elements are addressed before proceeding with the mitigation/restoration process.

Next would be water and debris removal, the fire-fighting efforts can often leave behind water and debris, which must be removed promptly. Our team will use specialized equipment to extract any excess water that is present and any debris that was left in the affected areas. All of these efforts will help with making the restoration process a smoother experience.

After the removal of any water and debris that is present, we will focus on drying the structure and contents that were affected by the efforts to extinguish the fire. Air movers and dehumidifiers are used to remove moisture from the structure. Once the structure has been dried, our technicians will conduct a thorough cleaning to remove soot, smoke residues, and odors from surfaces and any belongings that are deemed salvageable. Cleaning techniques are carried out by our experienced crew combined with cleaning agents that are employed to ensure a thorough and effective restoration.

Before the process is complete, a crew chief will conduct a final inspection to ensure the work meets the required standards and that you are satisfied with the work conducted on your property. As the owner you are allowed to inspect the premises alongside our crew chief to address any concerns that you may have along with any adjustments.

Restoring a fire-damaged property is a handful, since it’s a complex and meticulous process that requires expertise from a well-trained and motivated team. From the initial assessment of the property to the final restoration, your property will be back on its feet and restored to its preloss condition. By enlisting the help of SERVPRO professionals, property owners can have confidence that their fire-damaged property will be restored to its former glory. When our job is finished it will be like it never even happened.

Recovering from the Flames

6/16/2023 (Permalink)

Mitigating Fire Loss on a Residential Property

We understand how overwhelming a fire loss can be and the devastation it causes. The aftermath of such a disaster can leave homeowners feeling helpless and unsure of how to move forward. Thankfully SERVPRO of Bridgewater provides fire mitigation services to handle challenging situations such as fire damage. 

Our team has the experience to tackle any fire damage situation no matter the size. We have the workers and the equipment to get the job done. SERVPRO of Bridgewater understands the urgency of the situation and responds promptly to emergency calls. Highly trained professionals arrive equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to assess the extent of the fire damage. By quickly evaluating the affected areas, we can develop a comprehensive plan of action to mitigate further damage. During the mitigation process of a fire loss, we will take immediate steps to prevent authorized access, such as boarding up broken windows and reinforcing compromised structures. This helps protect the property from theft, vandalism, and additional damage caused by weather events. Fires tend to result in significant water and smoke damage due to firefighting efforts. Fire mitigation professionals employ advanced techniques and equipment to extract excess water, dehumidify the areas affected by water, and eliminate odors.

Fire mitigation services are an invaluable resource for homeowners facing the aftermath of a fire loss in their residential property. From emergency response and securing the site to restoring water and smoke damage, these services offer comprehensive assistance throughout the recovery process.

Fire and the Devastation that Follows

12/27/2022 (Permalink)

Fire damage Fire can be a very destructive force.

After the Blaze

Dealing with property damage that has been caused by a fire can be a very stressful situation to handle. This is why SERVPRO of Bridgewater is here to help and can get things back to normal quickly. Our team has access to state f the art restoration/mitigation equipment that will help get the job done when it’s combined with their experience, which has been built up over the years.

Reach out to an Expert

Once the fire department has extinguished the fire, look for a remediation professional to help get you back on your feet. An expert will be able to provide an assessment after they perform a walk through in order to determine the extent of the damages. In most circumstances an individual should not attempt any part of the restoration process. Doing this can be dangerous if it is attempted on your own.

Getting Organized

In addition one should make sure that they should keep a record of any of the items that have been damaged or destroyed during the incident. This information could be helpful when we start working with the insurance company to ensure that most of the items and the structure is covered. Once you have compiled a list of files it is important to keep the files in a safe place.

Contact your Insurance Company

When the last embers die out make sure that you reach out to your insurance company, so you can get started on your claim. It is important to do this, since your insurance agent will work with you through the filling process. They will also help determine the amount of coverage you will attain for the damages to your property.

Better Safe than Sorry

When it comes down to entering your property after it has been effected by a fire, always ask the fire department or another local authority whether it is safe to re-enter your building. In some cases a fire can weaken the structural integrity and increase the chances of it collapsing.

Restoration Professionals

When your property is effected by fire damage, you can depend on SERVPRO of Bridgewater to help you through this stressful situation. A chief technician will guide you through the fire restoration process, to ensure you are getting the high quality service you deserve. Once our restoration team is finished with their work it will be “like it never even happened”.

Destructive Power of Fire

11/3/2022 (Permalink)

Property Damage Caused by Fire

SERVPRO of Bridgewater understands how stressful it can be if your home or business has suffered from a fire loss. A building can catch fire due to a variety of factors causing a substantial amount of damage depending on the source and how quickly the situation is addressed. After the fire has been extinguished even if it was small, there can be a lot of work that needs to be done in order to restore your property. Smoke can still spread through a structure quickly and leave residue/soot within each effected area.

It is important to take action quickly even after the damage has been done. After the fire has run its course contacting a restoration company like SERVPRO is a great choice. Our team is faster to any size disaster, as soon as technicians arrive on site they will leap into action and begin the restoration process. We work hard to preserve original construction materials/components along with any contents that are salvageable whenever possible.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Process

Each fire damage is different and may require a unique solution. The fire damage restoration process can be applied to any type of structure, since it was made to be flexible so it can be applied to a majority of fire damage situations. There are seven steps that our technicians follow in order to restore your property.

Step 1: Emergency Contact

Step 2: Inspection and Fire Damage Assessment

Step 3: Immediate Board-Up and Roof-Tarp Service

Step 4: Water Removal and Drying (if water damage is present)

Step 5: Removal of Smoke and Soot from All Surfaces

Step 6: Cleaning and Sanitizing

Step 7: Restoration

SERVPRO of Bridgewater and its dedicated employees can get your damaged property back on track and it will be “like it never even happened.”

Tips on how to Navigate a Fire Claim

8/8/2022 (Permalink)

Fire Damage in s Bridgewater Home Severe fire loss in Bridgewater, NJ.

You do not have to go this alone

SERVPRO of Bridgewater deals with fire restoration every day. We have helped countless families and businesses navigate the ins and outs of their insurance claims after a fire disaster. We will walk with you through the entire process. From initial filing, to working with your adjuster to returning to your newly restored home of business.

Stay Proactive! 

Turn off utilities such as your electrical, gas and any other pertinent utilities. Make sure that the fire is completely out and nothing has been allowed to continue to smolder. Board up entries to prevent vandalism and theft. Finally, keep a close eye on the developing situation to be aware of any additional issues that may arise. Make sure to keep track of expenses and retain all related receipts. Your insurance company may be reimbursing you for the cost of fire related expenses, depending on the provisions made in your policy.

File Your Claims ASAP

All insurance policies will require you to report your losses as soon as possible or within a reasonable time frame. Shortly after contacting your insurance provider, you will be required to submit a claim. Make sure to keep account of all communications. As mentioned above, SERVPRO of Bridgewater can help you with this entire process and is your ally and advocate in this time of crisis.

Removing Bridgewater Fire Damage Promptly

7/13/2022 (Permalink)

Dry sponge removing soot damage from a ceiling Our IICRC-Certified experts assess, clean, repair, and restore your Bridgewater home to pre-damage condition after fire damage.

SERVPRO Restorers Rapidly Manage Fire Damage 

Restoration can be one of the focal points for responding technicians after a disaster, but only after emergency services, inspections, and mitigative actions. There are many steps and phases to the full recovery and restoration approach, many of which begin with our team's arrival. Restoration includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Soot Removal
  • Content Care
  • Inventory Services
  • Water Removal
  • Deodorization

Few Bridgewater fire damage events do not require homeowners and property management to contact their insurance providers. The coverage for your property can help to manage or significantly reduce the final out-of-pocket expenses. With our team's relationship with insurance providers, we have become a preferred vendor for restoration and reconstruction.

Estimations and Inspections

Among the earliest ways that SERVPRO can begin to set things right in a fire damaged home or business is through careful inspection of the grounds. Understanding the scope of this disaster's impact on the structure and its contents sets the stage for detailed and thorough estimations that your insurance provider needs to approve a fire damage claim.

The Impact on Contents

The destructive effects of a fire can heavily damage contents. Personal belongings are a priority of our restoring team, as many property owners consider these items as valuable as the structure itself. We strive to provide on-site recovery and cleanup whenever possible, but off-site restoration is sometimes required at our nearby facility. This level of recovery can include:

  • Submersion tank for cleaning hard contents
  • Soft material wash station
  • Ozone chamber for deodorizing multiple items
  • Drying approaches

Large Loss Recovery Providers

We can help all structures throughout Somerset County after fire damages, even larger properties like the Raritan Valley Community College or the Bridgewater Commons shopping area. We have equipment upscaled in size to efficiently manage immediate threats, sufficient portable power, effective containment, and a custom restoration plan to get your doors back open fast.

Soot Cleaning and Smoke Remediation

We understand the impact of soot and smoke damage on a structure, including the effects of soot particles on properties. Soot removal combines air filtration services, duct cleaning, surface cleaning, and floor/carpet cleaning services that we can provide after a fire gets extinguished.

Smoke Damage Types and Recovery Solutions

Many types of soot removal products and approaches are used for fire damage. The choice of these solutions varies considerably in the kind of smoke damage that exists. Environmental conditions and the combusting elements determine the residue left behind. These include:

  • Wet Smoke – Moist environments common to the Raritan Valley force fires to slowly burn and smolder, producing a thick and formidable residue. 
  • Dry Smoke – Chalky film left behind after high-heat fires that fully combust many materials in the path of the fire.  
  • Oil Furnace Puffback – A small explosion in the ignition chamber can hurl ionized soot throughout the property, requiring unique products to address.  
  • Grease/Protein Residues – Thick protein residues require solvents to dissolve and remove after a kitchen flare-up. 

Reconstruction and Build-Back Services

Fires can produce the need for reconstruction services, and fortunately, we have a general contractor license to accommodate this necessity. With millions in the Greater NYC metropolitan area, it can be a considerable benefit to have restoration and reconstruction services under one roof. Our trusted SERVPRO team is a full-service contractor to help however your property needs after fire loss effects.

Fire damage to Bridgewater structures incorporates several levels of expertise for our responding technicians to mitigate loss and clean up after the damaging event. Our SERVPRO of Bridgewater team rapidly responds to these emergencies with the equipment and products to help. Give us a call at (908) 222-2020.

Don’t Let Fire Damage Cause You Stress in Bridgewater

6/15/2022 (Permalink)

House In Bridgewater Let SERVPRO of Bridgewater fix it, Don’t stress it.

SERVPRO Helps Bridgewater Residents with Fire Damage Restoration

Overwhelmed with worry and stress – that is how many homeowners feel when dealing with fire damage. When you have a blaze in your Bridgewater property, know that our locally owned and operated SERVPRO franchise is here to help. Not only do we tackle the burden of house fire cleanup, but you can also look to us for any of the questions or concerns you have regarding the process. Rest easy knowing that we have the training and certifications to make it “Like it never even happened.”

When you have fire damage in Bridgewater, we make your life easier in many ways, including:

Professional Fire Mitigation And Restoration

Our IICRC-certified fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) are ready and able to address soot residue, charred building materials, and tough smoke odors with proven methods. We are available 24/7 and offer a rapid response within hours of your call for:

  • Fire debris removal and safe disposal
  • Controlled demolition and reconstruction using trusted area contractors
  • Odor control services to remove malodors

Tackling Stubborn Soot Damage After A Fire

Smoke and soot can leave varying deposits throughout the fire zone and in other areas unaffected by flames. The types of materials and how hot they burned to determine the types of residues and soils present. We use the following to ensure the best results depending on materials and surface testing:

  • Detergents to help lift soils from materials using emulsification.
  • Solvents for breaking down residues to keep them from corroding the material beneath.
  • Abrasive blasting using sodium bicarbonate, walnut shells, or other materials in conjunction with pressurized air or water to break away soils from materials.

What Do I Do About My House Fire Insurance Claim?

We understand that this is a difficult time, and insurance claims require copious amounts of paperwork. Our SERVPRO team meticulously documents all facets of your project so that you have all paperwork for your claim. You can think of us as an insurance liaison!

SERVPRO of Bridgewater is here whenever you need help with fire damage restoration. Request help online or call us anytime at (908) 222-2020.

We Can Eliminate Smoke and Odors After A Fire In Bridgewater

4/19/2022 (Permalink)

a fire damaged bathroom with debris and soot everywhere Quick action is required when a bathroom is facing fire damage. Our technicians are standing by with certified technicians and equipment for the job.

Eliminating Smoke & Odors After Fire Damage in a Bridgewater Bathroom

One of the last places many homeowners expect to deal with fire damage is in their bathrooms. Whether a faulty outlet makes a hairdryer spew fire or an overcharged lithium battery on an electric razor causes a fire hazard, this can be an extremely stressful situation. On top of that, the moisture in bathrooms can interact with residues from fire and become acidic, which can corrode metals and plastics alike.

If you need a professional team that can mitigate your home's fire damage in Bridgewater fast, certified fire cleanup technicians at SERVPRO can help restore your bathroom to its prior condition. If the damage to your home after a fire is extensive, this team can repair your home with a general contracting license. No matter where or when the disaster occurs, disaster cleanup professionals can address fire damage from appliance failures quickly.

Common Causes of Bathroom Fires

There are a variety of reasons that a bathroom can catch fire; some of the most common ones often involve everyday items and activities. These include:

  •   Exhaust fan malfunctions, usually due to ignition of lint and dust on the motor
  •   Electrical failures, such as damaged wires and overloaded outlets
  •   Appliance malfunctions
  •   Cigarette smoking

Always make sure to observe safe practices with electronics and other items in bathrooms. Turn off your vent fans when not in use and clean them periodically, avoid smoking in bathrooms, and check wires and batteries on appliances for signs of damage.

SERVPRO Can Restore Your Home

Depending on the damage, your bathroom may need repainting after cleaning. In cases where soot deposits are light, however, this may not be necessary. Regardless, thorough cleaning is required to prevent further damage to your home. SERVPRO can use EPA-registered disinfectants to remove soot and associated odors after a fire. If needed, odor control technicians (OCTs) can deploy industrial-grade thermal foggers to deodorize your bathroom. Ventilation systems also often need a thorough cleaning after bathroom fires. SERVPRO technicians can use augers, whips, brushes, and other agitating equipment to clean bathroom vents and prevent odors from spreading in your home.

SERVPRO of Bridgewater can ensure that your home looks, “Like it never even happened,” call (908) 222-2020 today for lightning-fast disaster cleanup.

How Does Wet Smoke Damage Affect Areas of Basking Ridge Homes?

2/24/2022 (Permalink)

House on Fire Call the professionals at SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020 to help with fire restoration on your property.

Wet Smoke Can Adhere to Many Surfaces and Persistently Threaten Basking Ridge Homes With Fire Damages. 

Fires can impact your home in many ways, and depending on the type of fire damage present in the property, the impact on the structure changes. Our experienced FSRT-Certified technicians respond quickly to begin vital mitigation efforts during an emergency. With conditions like wet smoke, every minute counts to remove the damaging residues. 

Partially Destroyed Building Materials

One of the pressing concerns with wet smoke and fire damage to Basking Ridge homes is the effect on building materials. Partially destroyed materials result from a slow-moving, smoldering fire. Our technicians must assess where building materials and structural elements cannot be preserved or protected and must get removed using controlled demolition techniques.

Thick Smoke Residues

Formidable soil deposits are a trademark of wet smoke damage, creating a substantial obstacle for our technicians for each affected surface. We must thoroughly examine the entire property to determine which materials have already been heavily impacted and require emulsification or dissolving of the heaped solids. 

HVAC System Damage 

 When your furnace or air conditioning is running when a fire takes place, returns and intakes pull soot and smoke solids into the ductwork system. These soils can become attached to the smooth walls of the HVAC system, especially if dust, debris, and other buildup is a concern already. The air ducts also act as a direct path for soot damage to reach multiple rooms. 

Cleaning Up After Wet Smoke Effects 

Because wet smoke produces such thick and formidable soils, the methods of removing this soot and smoke residue should get underway as soon as possible. Often, this objective centers on trapping surface particles and lifting them from the underlying substrate to be removed with pressurized water or air. Some of the needed approaches to restore normal living conditions in a home include:

  • Wet cleaning products
  • Media blasting equipment
  • Deodorizing tools

When fire damage threatens your home, let our SERVPRO of Bridgewater team help. Call today at (908) 222-2020.

Cleaning Wood Floors in Bridgewater Homes After a Fire

2/8/2022 (Permalink)

Stairs After A Fire Afraid the wood in your home has been damaged by fire? No need to stress it, Let SERVPRO fix it.

There Are Specific Steps to Preserving Wood Flooring in Bridgewater Properties After Fire Damage. 

Wood flooring is a long-lasting and durable material to install in your home. When concerns like fires occur, though, these fuels for the flames can become heavily affected even without being in the spreading fire damage. It takes several specific steps to thoroughly clean and restore soot-damaged wood flooring in a house.

Clearing Debris and Material Remnants

The first step addresses how fire damage in Bridgewater homes impacted the flooring. Partial combustion can weaken structural elements and cause them to collapse. We also have heaping debris and ash to contend with after extinguishing the fire. Shoveling out fire debris can lessen the presence of harmful post-fire effects.

Damage Assessment for Controlled Demolition

We must determine the extent of structural damage present and identify if controlled demolition will be necessary. The benefit of a general contractor license is quick and efficient demolition and repairs. A thorough examination of the property can help see if certain flooring areas could use removal to the underlayment.

Removing Loose Soot 

Cleaning practices will not be efficient or effective until loose debris, and heaped soils get removed from the floors. Several tools can be used for this effort, including:

  • Sweeping
  • Brushing
  • Dry Vacuuming
  • Wet Vacuuming

Surface Cleaning Strategies

Clearing soot and soils from the surface of wood flooring is often a combination of products and practices. Wood must be carefully cleaned, especially with deep scoring and grain. We have cleaning products specifically designed to renew the vibrancy of the finished flooring after soot threats have been removed, such as wood crème pastes.

After fire damage on wood floors throughout your home, cleaning up shows the advanced equipment and leading products available to our SERVPRO of Bridgewater team. Restoration aims to make it “Like it never even happened,” after fire and smoke damage, so our technicians are here to help 24/7 when you call (908) 222-2020.

Professional Methods Work Best in Bridgewater for Fire and Smoke Damage

12/26/2021 (Permalink)

Here to Help Fire and smoke restoration services by SERVPRO are second to none. We are here to help 24/7 365 days a year. Call now!

Something SERVPRO Does Best is Fire Damage Restoration – Call Us When You Need Assistance in Bridgewater!

SERVPRO has developed proven steps and methods that have allowed us to perfect fire and smoke remediation. In many cases, items homeowners thought were unsalvageable can get cleaned and restored with the help of our advanced equipment and techniques. We can mobilize a team for arrival at the door of your Bridgewater property within hours so we can start fast and get you the results you need in a fraction of the time of DIY.

When called to any home dealing with devastation due to fire damage in Bridgewater, our IICRC-certified technicians follow guidelines in our specialized training protocols. Not only are we trained fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT), but our crew is also composed of Odor Control Technicians (OCT) as well as Applied Structural Drying (ASD) professionals.

What About Smoke Remediation and Odors?

With the latest technology, we can eliminate stubborn odors from porous and non-porous materials using:

  • Thermal fogging equipment
  • Hydroxyl machines
  • Specialized solutions
  • Deodorant pellets
  • Air scrubbers with HEPA filtration
  • Ozone generators – only used with caution, as they could be harmful to pets, people, and plants

SERVPRO is your one-stop restoration team for all aspects of house fire clean-up. We work to remove the moisture left from water used to extinguish the flames, address all areas with charring, and dispose of unsalvageable debris. The goal is always to make your interior “Like it never even happened,” so that you and your family get back to life as usual. We also take the time to work with your insurance company to ensure your claim goes as smoothly as possible.

Fire damage and smoke odors are no match for SERVPRO of Bridgewater. Call us whenever you need us at (908) 222-2020, and we can mobilize a team as quickly as possible.

Initiating Emergency Services to Mitigate Fire Loss in Basking Ridge Homes

10/12/2021 (Permalink)

fire line You can depend on our SERVPRO teams to cleanup and restore your property and personal belongings after a fire takes place.

Several Mitigative Actions Play a Part in Protecting Basking Ridge Homes and Their Contents. 

Mitigation is one of the key elements to saving time and money for the customer on restoration to come. Fires are destructive and hazardous situations, making it an urgent need for homes to begin mitigation services. Some of these efforts include:

  • Water removal
  • Air scrubbing
  • Bulk material removal

Repair and Demolition Needs 

With a general contractor license, our professionals can provide several build-back services that help with fire damage in Basking Ridge homes. Structural damage can often be a challenge to spot initially during the job scoping phase. We help with quick controlled demolition to prevent structural hazards from causing injury.

Fire Debris Removal and Cleanup

Combustion does not single out specific materials, making an array of fire debris, ash, and charred remnants left behind. When extinguishment completes, our professionals must work quickly to remove debris throughout the house to reduce the circulation of soot particles and lessen the severity of present odors.

Gather Contents and Personal Belongings 

Many view their personal belongings and keepsakes as more valuable and important than their home. With the importance and urgency placed on protecting these items, this becomes a focal point for responding technicians looking to reduce loss and protect what matters most to the customer. Fires can produce soot and smoke residues that can overwhelm the contents in the house. We provide relocation and cleaning services to overcome these threats.

A few services should begin as soon as possible when fire damages area homes and businesses. As challenging as these conditions can often be, starting these mitigating strategies as quickly as possible reduces the loss to the customer and ensures that restoration is as efficient as possible. Our SERVPRO of Bridgewater team is standing by at (908) 222-2020.

What Are the Advantages of a Pack-Out During Fire Damage Restoration in Bridgewater?

8/9/2021 (Permalink)

fire extinguisher in front of fire background When a fire strikes your home, SERTVPRO is the team to call. Fire damage restoration is a specialty of ours.

SERVPRO Recommends Moving Bridgewater Household Contents for Improved Fire and Smoke Damage Remediation Outcomes

Fire-damaged homes in Bridgewater risk harm both to structural components and household goods, furnishings, and personal possessions. The fire's heat and flames result in smoke and soot soiling of the contents of your home, and toxic residues deposited pose health effects and cause deterioration. Firefighting water and chemical extinguishing agents create safety hazards and accelerate the damage of a broad range of items. 

What Are the Benefits of Packing-Out Fire Damaged Contents in Bridgewater?

Fire damage mitigation and remediation for Bridgewater residences require rapid action from highly-trained SERVPRO technicians for the best results. A proven way to increase the speed of water, fire, and smoke restoration is to clear your home of contents. Once the soot-soiled and charred rooms are empty, water removal, deep cleaning, and repairs can proceed without the interference of the repeated need to move furnishings and other personal property as the crews complete the house fire clean up.

How Does SERVPRO Organize a Bridgewater Pack Out?

A dedicated SERVPRO team carefully wraps large items and packs others in sturdy boxes for transport. Our Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) tracks the articles at every step of the process using: 

  • Handwritten inventories -- traditional lists
  • Digital photos -- for documenting condition and placement for the eventual pack-back
  • Barcoding -- creating a digital catalog of your possessions

What Happens to Your Contents at the SERVPRO Production Facility?

Technicians record the packed-out contents' condition and create plans to bring each piece back to function and appearance using the specialized resources we have at our base. Precise documentation supports insurance claims for treatments or repair or replacement in instances where restoration is impractical.  

Avoid the loss of treasured, one-of-a-kind items with a professional pack-out, assessment, and restoration by SERVPRO of Bridgewater contents processing specialists. One call to (908) 222-2020 resolves both structural and contents fire damage.

Bridgewater, Fire Damage, SERVPRO and Cleanup

6/17/2021 (Permalink)

ozone machine Bridgewater homeowners benefit from the ozone machine from SERVPRO for fire and smoke damage cleanup and odor control

Professional Fire Damage Restoration in Bridgewater

The devastation of a fire in your Bridgewater residence quickly brings home how involved the cleanup is. Residues spread everywhere, on all surfaces. The soiling differs from regular dirt and grime, and DIY efforts to clear it away often make it worse. Dozens of tasks face fire remediators, and our experts are familiar with the work needed and use proven strategies to complete the project fast and thoroughly.

When fire damages your Bridgewater home, you might be surprised to note that water and chemical damage are two of the first things to manage. Firefighters leave vast amounts of water and chemicals behind after extinguishing the flames. Water causes considerable damage on its own, and its presence creates a slip and fall risk and exposes everyone in the building to electric shock possibilities. Because we are a full-service restoration company, holding multiple certifications from the IICRC, our assessment team adds water remediation to the project blueprint as phase one.

House Fire Clean Up

SERVPRO assessors inspect all areas of your home and evaluate the types of residues deposited in different places. Dry, ashy soot from burning wood and paper dry sponges and vacuums away. Thick, sticky soot from fabrics, plastics, and electronics smoldering needs a cleanser enhanced with wetting agents and surfactants to loosen the coating and often agitation to eradicate it. Kitchen fires deposit a thin, smelly layer of protein-based soot, requiring solvents and abrasive tools and action to resolve.

Odors present a challenge, lingering even after SERVPRO removes all the other toxic wastes left by the fire. Our deodorizing technicians follow a detailed protocol to remove and clean any burned item or surfaces still emitting smells. We inspect HVAC systems, cleaning and sealing hard-to-reach areas if the odor emanates from the air ducts. Technologically advanced equipment like thermal foggers, ozone machines, and hydroxyl generators help eliminate airborne and settled odor-bearing particles. These approaches change the chemical makeup of the minute bits of combusted materials still sharing unpleasant odors at a molecular level, neutralizing the smells.

Rely on SERVPRO of Bridgwater to manage all aspects of fire damage remediation fast. Our highly qualified professionals are available 24/7 by calling (908) 222-2020 immediately after the firefighters leave your home.

Why is Heating Necessary during Fire Cleanup in Basking Ridge Homes?

4/30/2021 (Permalink)

House fire After a fire incident takes place. You can trust that your home is in good hands with the experienced technicians at SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Uses Unique Techniques to Facilitate Fire Damage Restoration of Basking Ridge Properties

The need for heating during cleanup in a property affected by a fire incident might sound counterintuitive considering that most damages, including soiling, charring, and even staining, result from exposure of materials to high temperatures.

You might have different goals during the fire cleanup exercise in your Basking Ridge home, including completing the process faster or getting cleaner outcomes. A skilled restorer can rely on the properties of heat to aid in achieving both goals. The basic aspect of cleaning is the movement of molecules. When heated, molecules move faster, thus speeding up the reaction between soils and cleaning solutions. It also reduces the surface tension of soils minimizing adherence to surfaces. 

From the vast experience especially handling smoke remediation tasks, our SERVPRO technicians have established unique traits of temperature changes during cleanup. For instance, after heating cleaning solutions to 118 degrees, every 18-degree increase in temperature doubles the chemical reaction time, thus removing soils faster. When soils move faster, they remain suspended in the cleaning solution longer, thus easing extraction. Of course, our technicians check product labels to determine the best temperatures of cleaning solutions when dealing with: 

  • Smoke damage
  • Fire restoration
  • Smoke remediation

SERVPRO of Bridgewater has all the resources necessary to handle fire cleanup. Call us at (908) 222-2020 for quick assistance.

When Is It Necessary To Seek Help After Fire Damage in Bridgewater?

4/13/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle Call SERVPRO immediately after the fire truck drives away to ensure a speedy and efficient remediation process.

SERVPRO Handles Any Type of House Fire Clean Up in Bridgewater Properties

A good city has something for everyone including readily accessible emergency services such as fire departments since fires affect homes and business premises at any time. Bridgewater Township has a lot to offer, especially to those willing to go off the beaten path and explore the area.

The township sits in Somerset County, New Jersey, and is a hub for the state's central areas and a bedroom suburb for New York City, thanks to the relatively short commute. On average, it takes an hour to reach Manhattan through the Holland Tunnel.  The township was created by a Royal chatter back in 1749. It was also one of the initial 104 townships incorporated by the New Jersey Legislature in 1798. 

Where to Stay in Bridgewater

For people visiting the township, several establishments offer stellar accommodation. Most of the hotels are rated 3-star and include:

  • Bridgewater Marriott, located along Commons Way and offers a café, bar, and restaurant. There is a gym as well as an indoor pool at the facility. It is one of the most booked hotels and most people rate it highly for staff friendliness and cleanliness. 
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Bridgewater sits in a commercial district between I-287 and US-22 highways. The Bridgewater Commons mall is 3 miles from the hotel. It has modern rooms with amenities including Wi-Fi and pull-out sofas  
  • Hotel Somerset Bridgewater sits in a leafy area off I-287. It is close to exciting locations such as East Jersey Old Town Village, which is only 4 miles away, and Duke Farms nature preserve 10 miles away. It has suites with separate bedrooms, and some balconies offer direct pool access.

Areas of Cultural Interest

Whether you want to go out, but you do not want to spend time outdoors, or if you want to learn something interesting, the museums and art galleries in the area are perfect places to hang out. The Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers is a popular destination with exhibits touching various subjects like history, art, and culture. The Geology Museum at Rutgers has a different lineup of dirt, bones, and artifacts. Apart from exploring unique pieces such as complete dinosaur skeletons, there are events for adults and children. 

What Steps Does SERVPRO Take When Managing Fire Damage in Bridgewater?

Fire affects property differently, especially if the fire department manages to quell it before it consumes the entire building. The outcome is a combination of charred and soiled materials spread all over. Clean-up is one of the consequential steps of fire damage restoration. Cleaning methods vary in terms of complexity and cost. Therefore, identifying the appropriate method for different issues is necessary.  

SERVPRO is well versed with various cleaning methods since we handle different situations regularly, including:

  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Smoke remediation
  • Smoke Damage

One of the common approaches we use to restore fire damage is mechanical agitation of materials to dislodge soils or reverse changes such as staining or charring. Agitation relies on friction to remove the soils without applying cleaning solutions. It works mostly for non-greasy residue on non-porous surfaces. Our SERVPRO technicians use mild options such as feather dusters or medium ones such as dry cleaning sponges. In case heavy agitation is needed, blast cleaning or Roto pads are sufficient. 

SERVPRO of Bridgewater has considerable experience handling fire damage. Call us at (908) 222-2020 to help restore your property to its preloss state.

SERVPRO Can Save Clothing Involved in Fire Damage in Basking Ridge

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaged home Specific cleaning equipment and procedures are needed for fire restoration. SERVPRO has the man power and equipment for any size job.

Professional Restoration Services Can Turn Around Fire Damage in Basking Ridge Homes

When a fire occurs in a home, the smoke odors and soot can wind up all over the interior, even in areas not directly affected by the flames. One of the most overwhelming feelings for a homeowner is the prospect of losing their clothing. Besides the expense of replacement aside, many people have wardrobe items with sentimental value that exceeds anything monetary. 

SERVPRO techs can assist Basking Ridge homes with fire damage and, in particular, clean the articles of clothing exposed to heat, smoke, and soot. Several applications can work to restore clothing to a wearable state for reuse, including: 

  • Specific cleaning equipment
  • Methods such as agitation or immersion cleaning
  • Spot cleaning or dry cleaning at an outside facility

The Esporta Washing System is a powerful piece of equipment that can clean and sanitize washable clothing items and leave them sanitized after a single cycle. SERVPRO techs often rely on this for all types of restorative cleaning for washable items needed after a fire.

SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020 stands ready to handle fire damage cleanup in Basking Ridge homes 24/7.

Hayrides in Bridgewater at the Wightman Farm.

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

Hayride sign Fire and smoke damage to your home can be very intimidating when it comes to restoration. Call SERVPRO who has all the know how and equipment.

Pick your Own Produce and Take a Hayride at Wightman Farm by Basking Ridge this December.

Wightman Farm on Mt. Kemble Avenue is in Bridgewater, a famous farmers' market that sells local, seasonal produce. The market opens seven days a week from 8 am until 6 pm, with early closing times on public holidays like Thanksgiving. From December 18th, Basking Ridge residents can begin to put in orders for the seasonal fruit and veg boxes. Orders are placed in advance to allow the farmers to plant seeds to order, while recipe tips and choices are included with all packages. These programs have a strong focus on sustainable farming, while guests are invited to pick their own from the orchards and fruit paddocks. In the winter months, locally-sourced cider, winter warming pies, and hayrides are available for booking from the farm shop. 

  • The Crop Share (CSA) seasons are open for reservations now as planting season begins.
  • Pick your own programs that allow visitors access to the orchards, herb, and flower gardens.
  • Support sustainable farming programs by signing up through their website. CSA programs cover 20 weeks of food with prices working out at just $23.00 per week

A property fire can cause extensive smoke damages to your home. Contact SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020.

Is Odor Control Part of Fire Restoration in Bridgewater?

10/7/2020 (Permalink)

Living Room On Fire A tried and tested approach to odor control can help to ensure your home returns to preloss condition sooner rather than later.

SERVPRO Technicians Perform Odor Control for Bridgewater Residents with Recent Household Fire Damage.

Why are burnt smells so tough to remove?
Controlling odors through deodorization of your Bridgewater property would be easy if all odors come from the same source. Unfortunately, fire odors can come from multiple sources, making it tough to tackle effectively without professional assistance. SERVPRO technicians have to use various odor control techniques to take fire odors in your property. These can range from cleaning methods to removing materials as well as air scrubbing equipment and chemical deodorants. Rest assured, our team has extensive experience in helping homeowners overcome unpleasant odors after a housefire.

What are the odor control procedures for fire?
    •    Removing charred contents or debris that could be a source of malodor
    •    Cleaning surfaces to rid them of odor-causing smoke residues and soot
    •    Recreate the conditions of odor spreading by using fogging or misting equipment to mimic smoke behavior
    •    Sealing surfaces with an odor sealant cover to prevent smoke odors from escaping into the home

Is it necessary to perform all types of odor control in a damaged property?
To deal with the odors of fire damage in your Bridgewater home, it is vital to take a measured approach. We want to remove odors from your property. But we also want to complete the job on-time and on-budget. To remain efficient in our restoration, technicians plan odor control methods sequentially. A first step may be to remove fire debris from the property and clean surfaces. We can then thoroughly ventilate the property to assess whether odors have disappeared. Sometimes, wetness or high humidity can make odors more noticeable. We conduct odor control step by step to ensure that our process remains efficient.

What affects odor in a home?
    •    Porous materials are more likely to become penetrated by odor particles.
    •    Thicker soot or smoke deposits are generally more odorous than those from minor to moderate fire damage.
    •    The length of exposure of materials to smoke and temperature can be influential to malodor

A tried and tested approach to odor control can help to ensure your home returns to preloss condition sooner rather than later. Contact SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020.

What Should I Look for When Hiring a Restoration Services Company After a Fire in Bridgewater?

8/13/2020 (Permalink)

House fire SERVPRO proudly serves the community as the smart choice among fire damage companies that handle the cleanup after any size fire in a home.

SERVPRO technicians bring extensive training and the latest equipment to cleanup Bridgewater homes after a fire

The cleanup after a fire in a home ideally should begin as soon as the first responders give the all-clear to enter the Bridgewater property. There are some important considerations when choosing a company to restore your home, such as:   
    •    Are the employees trained and certified?  
    •    Do employees participate in ongoing education for the latest trends in restoration?
    •    Will the company work with my insurance carrier?
    •    How quickly does the crew show up at my home?

What Can Fire Damage Restoration Companies Do That I Cannot?

After a fire in your Bridgewater property, bringing in one of your local fire damage restoration companies is a smart move. There are numerous mistakes that property owners can make when cleaning up after a fire, and it can compound the damage to the house and contents such as the use of the incorrect cleaning methods for smoke damage removal. When SERVPRO technicians handle the cleanup and restoration of your home after a fire, you can expect a fast arrival and that the situation gets dealt with with the highest degree of professionalism.

What Happens During the Restoration Services?

SERVPRO technicians arrive within four hours of your initial call and begin the cleanup process. Some of the most common actions seen during mitigation include:   
    •    Containment to protect undamaged areas of the home
    •    Communicating as needed with your insurance adjuster
    •    Removal of charred items with approval from the homeowner or adjuster
    •    Inspection of ductwork to determine the extent of soot spread in the home
    •    The technicians remove charred items and begin the process of cleaning away soot and smoke on surfaces are preliminary tactics to lessen the soot and odor in the home.

Water damage from the extinguishing efforts can also contribute to making the problems in the home worse. The longer it remains within the structure, the more potential it has to destroy flooring, wick into sheetrock, and ruin furniture. Through the use of detection equipment, SERVPRO techs can locate all the areas with elevated moisture levels that require drying. The techs use their extraction equipment and air movers to drop the moisture levels rapidly.

Soot can be caustic if it remains on fixtures with chrome finishes or other metal knobs and accessories throughout the home. The techs clean the surfaces and wrap them, so any remaining airborne particulate does not re-settle on the articles.

Hardwood furniture covered in soot after a fire does not automatically require disposal. If exposure to heat or water has not damaged the joints through cracking or swelling, there may be potential for a full restoration through cleaning. The techs have access to wood soaps, waxes, and oil-based cleaners to assist in the removal of smoke damage and restoration of the wood. In some cases, the damage to the furniture may require refinishing for a complete return to its preloss condition.

SERVPRO techs bring their professional-grade exclusive cleaners to every job site. Before cleaning, surfaces get tested to determine the type of smoke damage present as well as the kind of surface getting cleaned. This practice ensures the best outcome in every case, with the detailed attention given during this step. For example, dry smoke can cause more significant harm to surfaces if wet cleaning agents get applied. Instead, other methods such as the use of dry cleaning sponges to capture and lift away the particulate, and then, the surfaces receive a progressively deeper cleaning to remove any remaining soot. When the situation calls for it, the techs can mix custom solvent-based solutions for the removal of thick, smeary wet smoke.

A controlled demolition is a common event during the restoration of a home post-fire. Before any repairs or reconstruction can occur, the home needs to be free of any remaining fire odors. SERVPRO uses air scrubbers to improve the air quality throughout the mitigation process to capture airborne soot; however, complete scent removal requires more robust methods. The techs use various types of equipment, such as thermal foggers or hydroxyl generators, to neutralize both embedded and airborne odorous particles. It is not uncommon for the removal of the odors to become a multi-layered process to ensure that the structure is scent-free and ready for the final repairs to bring the restoration to a close.

SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020 proudly serves the community as the smart choice among fire damage companies that handle the cleanup after any size fire in a home. With the use of their comprehensive training and state-of-the-art equipment, they can make the fire and smoke damage a thing of the past.

How Can I Secure my Home after a House Fire?

6/26/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged washer and dryer Fires are stressful. Let SERVPRO help relieve the stress and restore your home.

SERVPRO is an Authority on Fire Damage Restoration for Bridgewater Residents 

Is my home safe after a fire? 

Fires can affect the structural integrity of your Bridgewater home as well as producing potential accident causing debris. It is crucial to wait for a fire marshall's approval before re-entering your home after a house fire. Once you gain re-entry to the home, it may be safer to avoid the affected area altogether. By arranging a call-out from a professional fire technician, you can ensure that your home returns to its safe, preloss condition without incidents or accidents. SERVPRO technicians can scope the building, remove any fire debris, and potential hazards like faulty electrical equipment or wiring from home safely. If there is a power outage, we can work using portable generators initially until electricity returns. 

Can I arrange fire restoration and remain in the property?

When fire damage affects your Bridgewater home, it can become an inconvenience, especially when essential rooms like bathrooms and kitchens are fire victims. SERVPRO technicians organize our restoration strategy around you to ensure that you can continue with your everyday life during the process.

If fire damage affects your kitchen or bathroom, our team can first work on these areas to ensure that you keep access to essential areas of the home. Any areas that require longer-term restoration use physical barriers as well as plastic sheeting for containment. During aggressive restoration activities, our team can deploy negative air-pressure to the affected area to prevent debris and dust from spreading. 

How can I prevent soots and smoke residues from spreading? 

  • Cover any surfaces using old sheets
  • Avoid unnecessary foot traffic in the affected area
  • Use negative air pressure to ensure any air-borne specks of dust do not escape the area 

If you need a convenient solution to housefire restoration, contact SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020.

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How Do I Clean Smoke Residues From Hard floors in Bridgewater?

6/3/2020 (Permalink)

Burning flame isolated on black For expert assessment and restoration, contact SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020.

When Fire Damage Affects Your Bridgewater Flooring Contact a Professional Restorer Like SERVPRO

How do smoke residues affect hard floors?

Many Bridgewater residents experience a housefire at some point during ownership. While most smoke residues affect upper walls and ceilings, there are frequently soots or debris that builds up on floors. Most of these residues occur after the fire when non-bonded soots gather on surfaces. You can mitigate losses by covering floors and surfaces as well as avoiding foot traffic in the area until a restorer arrives. It is quite common for floors to require cleaning at the beginning and the end of service as some cleaning methods may loosen or detach soots from upper walls or ceilings.  When soots embed into flooring, they can produce unpleasant odors or show visible signs of soiling.

Can I mop up smoke residues on hard floors?

A home with fire damage in Bridgewater can have varying levels of floor soiling. Dust-mopping can be effective; however, there is a risk of pushing heavier soils into the floor. With moderate levels of soiling, SERVPRO technicians use more aggressive methods of cleaning. These methods include spray buffing, a process of picking up residues while laying down a buff solution. Spray buffing can help to level a hard floor surface while filling in any cosmetic issues like scratches. Solvents can be effective, but we need to pre-test floors to see how they respond to solvents to avoid further harm.

What are the types of hard floor?

    •    Resilient  floors include vinyl and come in tiles or strips
    •    Non-resilient floors are stone or masonry
    •    Concrete floors
    •    Wood floors can have varying levels of strength and porosity

Clearing soot from hard floors can be complicated, with each type of hard floor responding differently to the type of cleaning method. For expert assessment and restoration, contact SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020.

Is There Any Way to Salvage My Living Room After an Electrical Fire in Bridgewater?

5/20/2020 (Permalink)

Fire isolated on black SERVPRO of Bridgewater only a phone call away from keeping your home looking, “Like it never even happened.”

Certified Disaster Mitigation Professionals Can Restore Your Bridgewater Home After Fire Damage

Is there ever a situation where homeowners expect an electrical fire? All it takes is an overheated appliance or overloaded outlet to ignite portions of your home. On top of that, soot becomes corrosive over time, which can be even more damaging for your property.

If electrical fire damage has affected your Bridgewater home, SERVPRO has the tools necessary to eliminate residues and odors while restoring your property to a preloss condition. SERVPRO’s fast-acting service aims to minimize damage to your home’s structure and its contents so that you can save time, money, and stress.

What Are the Signs of Elevated Electrical Fire Risk?

    •    You notice sparks or get a slight electrical shock every time you plug in a device
    •    Lights flicker even after bulbs have been replaced
    •    Burnt or discolored sockets, light switches, or fixtures
    •    Appliances are unusually hot to the touch
    •    Either one, multiple, or all breakers often trip; fuses may blow at regular intervals

What Does SERVPRO Use to Eliminate Fire Damage Odors?

Much like water damage, deodorization utilizes solvents that saturate surfaces; fire damage odors are eliminated with a deodorizer that penetrates like smoke.

Thermal foggers work in tandem with many other odor removal tools during mitigation, including:
    •    Time-release pellets
    •    Odor counteractant beads
    •    HEPA-filter air scrubbers
    •    Deodorizing granules
    •    Odor removing sprays, pumps, or injection systems

SERVPRO of Bridgewater only a phone call away from keeping your home looking, “Like it never even happened.” Call (908) 222-2020 to have an emergency response team come to your home.

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Is it Safe to Stay in a Bridgewater House After a Small Fire?

4/9/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipment inside of storage faciilty Is your home in need of emergency restoration? SERVPRO to the rescue! Call us today!

Get Your Bridgewater Home Professionally Restored After a Fire Loss by SERVPRO 

After a fire of any size in your home, it is better to find another place to stay until the loss area gets cleaned up. The reason for this is two-fold. First, soot is unhealthy to breathe and can be a skin irritant. Second, remaining in the home can spread odorous soot to other areas of the house, particularly if the HVAC is running. 

How Can Professional Fire Damage Cleanup Help? 

There are many actions that the pros at SERVPRO know work in the restoration of fire damage in Bridgewater homes. Since airborne soot particles can exist smaller than the human eye can see, a crucial part of the fire loss mitigation includes using advanced equipment to capture the particulate. Standard actions include: 

  • Removal and disposal of charred items to lessen odors
  • Deployment of air scrubbers to improve air quality during mitigation
  • Use of odor control equipment to neutralize fire odors 

Smoke Damage Removal 

After a fire, smoke residues cover anywhere the fire burned. The materials consumed by the fire define the type of smoke damage left behind, and the surfaces it is upon determines how easily it cleans up. SERVPRO techs test the residues first to determine the type of smoke residues and then choose the appropriate cleaning agent for the kind of surface it is on. 

Making Your Home Safe for Habitation 

Once SERVPRO techs remove the smoke residue and run equipment to capture airborne motes, the final step ensures that soot does not spread throughout the home. A common area to check is the ductwork in the home, and a filter change for the HVAC may get recommended.  

When you need fast action against fire damage in your home, contact SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020. The technicians are available 24/7 to clean and restore your structure and contents to their preloss condition. 

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What Few People Know About Bridgewater Fire Damage Remediation

9/8/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage to a room with windows. When unforgiving fire damage takes place in your home, your best bet is to contact SERVPRO. We make it “Like it never even happened.”

Necessary Fire Damage Cleanup Techniques in Bridgewater

When fire damage happens in a home, the cleanup and restoration process goes far beyond the scope of showing up, shoveling up debris, and covering up smoke odors.

Fire damage in a Bridgewater home requires several levels of cleaning to return the property back to its preloss condition and save the homeowner the cost of replacing property as much as possible. Often fire in a home is put out before it guts the entire residence. This scenario gives SERVPRO technicians a unique challenge as, during fire cleanup, they need to inhibit the spreading of soot to other areas of the home.

Containment and Controlled Demolition 

Partitioning off the fire loss area from the rest of the home is crucial in stopping cross-contamination. Charred building materials require removal and as do non-restorable items upon approval by the homeowner or the adjuster. Whenever feasible, the SERVPRO technicians try to save homeowners the cost of replacement or refinishing through their proprietary cleaning methods.

Getting Ready for Reconstruction

The restoration of fire loss often includes the need for rebuilding on some scale in the home. It may be as simple as replacing some sheetrock on a wall or more extensive such as the reconstruction of a section of the house from the floor up. After debris removal and surface cleaning, it is vital to neutralize all odors, so the rebuilding has a clean slate to begin from.

Use One Service for the Entire Restoration Process

Getting fire damage cleaned up is stressful. Knowing that you need to coordinate reconstruction afterward adds even more anxiety to the situation. SERVPRO technicians possess a general contractor license and take the reins to not only mitigate the damage to your home but also attend to the necessary repairs and rebuilding to restore the house.

SERVPRO of Bridgewater is ready 24/7 to assist homeowners with needed restoration services against fire damage in their homes. Call us at (908) 222-2020, and we arrive on-site within an hour to make the fire loss "Like it never even happened."

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Our Certified Professionals Are Ready 24/7 To Restore Your Warren Home

7/14/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage to a room. Our fire damage experts assess, clean, repair, and restore your home to pre-damage condition after a fire like this one,.

More Than Just Fire Damage Restoration In Warren

The restoration company you choose to use to restore your Warren area property after fire damage occurs can make a huge difference in how your home looks at completion. Sure, you want to have access to a company with Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), but they also have to care about you, your family, and your home’s condition. Without the human aspect, they are just strangers working on different areas of your home; no one wants that.

Hiring a restoration company in Warren to deal with fire damage in your home should be more like calling a friend for help. A friend who can answer all of your questions and put any concerns you have to rest. Our entire team trains year-round to provide you with the quality services you deserve. However, we also live right here in your local community. We understand how these type of events can devastate a home, and we put all of our training, experience, equipment, and resources to work for you, every time you call us for help.

At SERVPRO, we understand that there are many different types of fire damage.  Some consist of clean-burning materials, such as paper and wood, while others develop more oily soils and residue. When dealing with these different types of soils, your restoration expert needs to make a decision. Our training and experience help us determine whether the oils are light enough to emulsify in water-based detergents, or if they are heavy enough to dissolve in oil-based solvents.

Water-based detergents dissolve in water, while also being able to attach themselves to oily soils. Scientists designed detergent molecules with a water-loving head and oil-loving tail that pulls oily soils away from the surface, giving a technician the necessary time to extract them. SERVPRO technicians use this emulsion action to form a connecting link between oil and water, breaking soils apart, removing them before they stain or damage any of your belongings.

SERVPRO of Bridgewater has highly-trained restoration technicians available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, year-round for your convenience. If you find yourself facing critical issues, or want to form a relationship with our local branch, give us a call. (908) 222-2020

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Technicians Give a Breakdown On Fire Damage Clean Up In A Warren Home.

6/16/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage to a kitchen counter. Try to catch your fire damage quickly enough do get help.

Smoke damage can ruin so much

Fire damage in a residential property is not an automatic loss of all possessions, walls and floors. Several factors affect the cleanability potential of both the structure and contents and on a case by case basis; items deemed a loss initially, may have restoration potential through our specialized methods.

SERVPRO mitigated fire damage in a Warren home caused by an electrical fire. The firefighters contained the blaze to a single room, but there was significant damage done to the living room. The house was without power, but we bring our generators to job sites when necessary, so no time is lost for cleanup and restoration efforts.

Containment is one of the first actions taken by our technicians upon arrival to halt the spread of soot in undamaged areas of the home. We scoped the site to determine home contents and structural components that have the potential for restorability through our proprietary cleaning methods as well as items and charred building materials too damaged for remediation. Items deemed restorable are photographed, logged, and sent to our facility for detailed cleaning.

The homeowner contacted us quickly, which worked in his favor as the faster mitigation on damage from a fire begins, the better the odds for lessening the overall loss. After we extracted water left behind from extinguishing the fire, the drying phase began. SERVPRO employees hold certifications as Applied Structural Drying Technicians (ASD) and performed correctly, drying inhibits further water damage and the potential for mold growth.

Soot is a particular concern; these odor-causing particles easily get driven into cracks and crevices because hot air expands during the fire and pushes them in. This is the cause of smoke odors that linger in a room. Our technicians use both wet and dry sponge methods for cleaning away smoke residue and soot from surfaces. This action helps sanitize and lessen odors in the room, but the room cannot undergo reconstruction until the application of more robust odor control methods, including equipment such as Hydroxyl generators to capture airborne particles and thermal fogging to neutralize deeply embedded odors.

As well as holding several certifications in the restoration sciences, our SERVPRO location provides reconstruction to fully restore the damaged room to its preloss condition with the approval of the homeowner or adjuster.

SERVPRO of Bridgewater handles all sizes and phases of fire damage from cleanup to full reconstruction. Call us at (908) 222-2020, our emergency response is available to assist you 24/7 and make the loss to your property, "Like it never even happened."

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Home Fire Danger Peaks During Holiday Season

12/3/2015 (Permalink)

A kitchen with a large amount of fire damage. Please let SERVPRO help you through hard times.

Local SERVPRO® restoration specialist cites statistics on escalated cooking and candle fire risk that can turn festivities into a fire drill

Bridgewater, NJ (Grassroots Newswire) December 3, 2015 -- As the holiday season approaches and families gear up for decorating their homes and hosting large gatherings of friends and family, SERVPRO® of Bridgewater reminds homeowners to take note of some sobering statistics about home fire safety from the National Fire Prevention Association:

  • Cooking equipment is the leading cause of home structure fires. The three peak days for home cooking fires are Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and Christmas Eve.1
  • Candles fires peak in December. The top three days for candles fires are Christmas Day, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.2

“These statistics are a serious reminder of how the excitement of holiday entertaining can quickly turn into a life-altering fire or even a tragic injury or death,”  says SERVPRO. “While glowing candles and elaborate meals set the stage for a great holiday get-together, homeowners need to exercise extra care in controlling the dangerous potential for fires.”

According to the NFPA3, unattended cooking is by far the leading cause of home cooking fires, with frying posing the greatest fire risk and electric ranges posing a higher risk than gas ranges. Range top cooking in general started the majority of home cooking fires and caused 86 percent of related civilian deaths for the reporting period.

While incidents of candle fires peaked in 2001 and have been falling since, candles are still one of the top 10 causes of U.S. home fires, according to the NFPA. As with cooking fires, unattended or abandoned candles account for a large portion of candle fires–almost 20 percent–but the most frequent cause of candle fires is placing the candle too close to something that can burn, like curtains, decorations or furniture.

“It’s easy to see why cooking and candle fires both peak during the holiday season,” says SERVPRO, “and it’s also easy to see why homeowners need to take extra care when decorating their homes or entertaining. A moment’s inattention at the stove or a guest repositioning a candle on a tabletop may be all it takes to turn the festivities into a fight to save property and lives. While our business is fire and water damage restoration and we stand ready to help at a moment’s notice if disaster does strike, our sincere hope is that our friends and neighbors will enjoy a fire-free and festive holiday season.”

For more fire prevention tips and information about fire and water damage restoration services, please contact SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020





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