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Has Your Business Experienced a Water Loss?

8/4/2023 (Permalink)

Water damage can wreak havoc on a commercial structure, disrupting operations and causing significant financial losses. The damage can be brought on by burst pipes, roof leaks, water heaters, and more depending on the situation. When a commercial establishment experiences a water loss, a quick response, and an efficient mitigation process is important in order to prevent further damage and restore the business to operating conditions.

Swift Action

As soon as a water loss is discovered, contacting a professional water damage restoration company like SERVPRO is the first step that should be taken. In a situation that involves water damage, time is of the essence in mitigating the damages, as standing water can cause plenty of secondary issues. Some of those issues may lead to mold growth, which can slowly cause structural deterioration over time. Our experts will arrive quickly and begin to determine the plan of action.

Mitigating Process

Before mitigation efforts are fully on their way, the safety of all the occupants and restoration personnel is a main priority. The team will identify any hazards and take precautions to secure the affected area. Next, the standing water will be removed from all the affected areas. Submersible pumps and wet vacuums will be used to extract the water efficiently. Once the standing water is removed, air movers and dehumidifiers will be used to accelerate the drying process along with controlling the moisture within the affected areas. By drying out the affected rooms, it will decrease the chances of mold growth.

Materials will also be determined as either salvageable or non-salvageable. The items that can be saved will be taken back to our facility to be cleaned a restored, while the items and building materials that can’t be saved will be properly disposed of.  All the items will be documented and provided to your insurance.

Moisture that is left behind during a water loss event can lead to mold. As part of the mitigation process, the restoration team will take a proactive approach in order to prevent mold spores from forming. We will perform thorough cleaning and sanitization to ensure the affected areas are free of contaminants.

Throughout the mitigation process, the restoration team monitors the progress and makes adjustments when needed. Documentation of the process, including damage assessments, and action taken, is an essential step that is recorded for your insurance agency.

Like It Never Even Happened

Here at SERVPRO of Bridgewater, we understand how much of a challenge it is for a business owner to deal with a water loss, but with the swift effort from our mitigation team and process, businesses can minimize downtime and financial losses. When you put your trust in our restoration teams, we will complete the job to your satisfaction.

Understanding the Water Damage Mitigation Process for Effective Recover

6/8/2023 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Loss

Water damage is common and potentially devastating that can occur to a commercial property. Whether it is caused by burst pipes, plumbing leaks, or natural disasters, water loss incidents can disrupt business operations and cause significant property damage. In such situations, taking action quickly is important to minimize the impact and begin the restoration process.

Response & Assessment

When a commercial property has a run-in with water damage, it is important to respond promptly. Here at SERVPRO of Bridgewater, our team understands the urgency needed when a business is affected by water damage. We provide 24/7 emergency service in order to tackle the issue quickly. Once a technician arrives on-site, they will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the extent of the damages. This assessment includes identifying the source of the water, evaluating affected areas, and determining any safety hazards.

Water Extraction & Removal

After a technician has completed the assessment, the next step will be to begin removing water from the affected areas. A team of mitigation experts will utilize powerful water extraction to remove any standing water. The team will use specialized techniques and equipment such as a moisture meter to address hidden pockets of water within the walls, ceilings, and floors. It is essential to remove water from the affected areas to prevent further damage, which can cause structural deterioration and mold growth if left unmitigated.

Drying & Dehumidification

After the water has been extracted, the affected areas need to be dried properly to prevent secondary damage. We will use commercial-grade dehumidifiers, air movers, and other types of drying equipment in order to expedite the mitigation process. While the equipment is running, a technician will carry out moisture/material readings to determine when the affected areas can be confirmed as dry.

Mold Prevention & Sanitization

Water damage can create an environment conducive to mold growth, posing health risks and further property damage. To prevent the spread of mold, our team will spray antimicrobials and use sanitization methods to tackle any potential mold growth. These measures will help inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria, ensuring a clean and safe environment.


Commercial water loss can have a significant impact on a business and its operations, but with proper mitigation, the recovery process will help you get back on your feet. A timely response, effective water extraction, thorough drying, and proper restoration are essential steps in mitigating water damage. By calling SERVPRO of Bridgewater to handle your water loss, businesses can minimize downtime, prevent further damage, and restore the property to its normal operations.

When Fire & Water Damage Strike

8/30/2022 (Permalink)

Man vaccuming carpet Water extraction in action.

How can a Bridgewater, NJ Business be Affected

Water and fire are powerful forces to contend with and can have a negative impact on a person’s business. Commercial structures have a variety of uses and functions, which makes the restoration process different compared to how the problem is tackled for residential structures.

A business can be affected by a water or fire loss in a variety of ways depending on the extent of damage. In severe situations it can even force operations to shut down, causing a business to lose out on much needed profit. Our objective is to mitigate the issue quickly and get the business on track for full restoration.

Facilities that are greatly impacted require more time for scoping, planning, and estimating. In most cases a business will have additional square footage that is affected, which raises the requirements to complete the project. Large jobs would require more technicians, equipment, and supplies needed to get the job done in a timely manner.

Here at SERVPRO of Bridgewater, we have a highly trained, experienced, certified teams that are able to handle all your property damage needs. Our staff receives constant training from the IICRC and material provided by our main office. This allows us to provide the proper assessment and repairs.

Every minute counts when your business is a victim of water and/or fire damage. Each time we enter a commercial loss project, we focus on the differences the job site has when compared to a residential loss. This is taken into consideration when planning and communicating with the owner or property management team to ensure there is an understanding on the actions that will be carried out in order to address the situation.

Why Choose SERVPRO?

People go to us because we are leaders in the industry, our company has the experience and knowledge to get the job done quickly without compromising the quality of our work. We offer 24/7 emergency service, which allows us to work on your business during non-peak hours so the work has less of an impact on employees and customers.  Our base of operations is centrally located in Bridgewater Township allowing us to respond without delay. If your business has been affected by a water and/or fire damage give SERVPRO of Bridgewater a call at (908) 222-2020.

Choose SERVPRO for Your Commercial Business in Bridgewater, NJ

8/3/2022 (Permalink)

Water loss in s office building. Water restoration in Bridgewater, NJ process being carried out by technicians.


A business owner can only control so much when it comes to their business, disasters aren't one of them. When it water, fire, or mold damage it can happen at any time with no warning depending on the cause. Events such as these can negatively impact your business by temporarily shutting it down or cause operation to move at a snail’s pace. This is where we come in and help get things back on track quickly. SERVPRO of Bridgewater has the professionals that have certification form the IICRC for water and fire damage restoration along with mold mitigation. With our 24/7 emergency response team, we can arrive on site and start the restoration process in order to prevent further damage. Our technicians will bring whatever equipment they need to get the job done. 

How are we so Efficient?

No matter what size area is effected our team will do everything in their power to complete the job quickly without any compromise. Technicians and our friendly office staff will walk you through the process during a stressful situation. SERVPRO directly works with insurance companies to stream line the process. This takes stress away from you, since we can contact your adjuster without taking any time away from you. Once our team is there they create a digital job file that our office can access right away allowing us to shave days off, giving us and our clients a more acceptable completion date. We also handle the reconstruction part of the job, so you don’t have to deal with the extra work of finding a reliable contractor you can trust.

What Areas do we Service?

That’s the great thing about SERVPRO is that our franchises are all over the country and no matter where you are we have your back. SERVPRO of Bridgewater specifically serves the Somerset County area. Being a franchise has its perks as well, since we are locally owned and operated we do our best to maintain a positive reputation with clients and the community around us.

The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Water Damage Remediation in Bridgewater

6/15/2022 (Permalink)

Mold From Water Ceiling Water damage can overcome your Bridgewater business quickly. Contact SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Water Damage in Short Pile Carpets of Bridgewater Offices

Short pile carpeting is a common choice for many office buildings throughout Bridgewater because it is easier to maintain the look and function even years after its installation. Even with thinner material like this, dirt and debris can still collect at the fibers' base, and the material can still act as an absorbent magnet for water loss incidents. Our qualified technicians' fast response in emergencies can help protect this flooring material from requiring replacement.

While there are many conventional approaches with our leading equipment to address commercial water damage in your Bridgewater office, overcoming the saturation of short pile carpeting requires a specific arrangement of recovery equipment. Extraction is a primary concern in these situations, as this can help limit oversaturation of subflooring and supports. Prolonged exposure in these areas can lead to degradation.

When our SERVPRO Green Fleet rolls out from our warehouse, we have an assortment of water recovery tools and equipment to help us begin mitigation work immediately. With pooling and standing water on carpeted areas, a vital machine that we use is our remote-controlled weighted extractor. This unit can easily maneuver through open office space and force moisture and saturation to the surface for removal by a high-powered onboard vacuum.

Getting this material dry as quickly as possible is vital to prevent secondary effects like mold growth. With naturally existing mold spores in the office space, colonization can begin in as little as 72 hours. We uninstall the edges of carpeted floors and place our air movers between the material and the subflooring to float the carpeting and dry it and the materials beneath it.

With the standard carpeting installation in office spaces, water loss incidents almost always feature a need to recover these areas before they get too badly damaged to preserve. Our 

SERVPRO of Bridgewater professionals can respond quickly, 24/7, with the equipment to help. Give us a call anytime disaster strikes at (908) 222-2020.

Cleaning After Fire Damage on a Bridgewater Showroom Floor

5/12/2022 (Permalink)

Flame Close Up Disaster may strike at any time in Bridgewater. Call SERVPRO for the fire damage restoration services needed for your property.

We Provide Fast Large Loss Fire Damage Recovery 

The capable professionals of our SERVPRO team recognize the urgency of fire loss scenarios for local businesses. We rapidly evaluate the condition of the building and its contents to provide custom restoration and recovery solutions tailored to the unique circumstances.

Initial Cleanup Obstacles 

Among the initial focuses of restoring fire damage in Bridgewater dealership showrooms and offices is prioritizing the care and treatment of the inventory. Vehicles must be carefully removed from the damaged portions of the building and intricately cleaned and evaluated. Responding technicians must also focus on:

  • Debris Removal – This process eliminates ash and material remnants from the flooring in the building to lower soot and odor concentrations.
  • Water Removal – Extinguishment methods like sprinklers can add a level of restoration work for the project to remove pooling water.
  • Indoor Air Quality – Post-fire environments feature many toxic or carcinogenic air contaminants, making filtration vital early in restoration.

Cleaning Fire Damage Effects

  • Flooring – Multiple types of flooring exist in your dealership, from the hardwood or concrete in the showroom to the carpeted flooring and tile work of the offices and bathrooms. Each requires a different approach, such as bonnet cleaning for the short pile carpeting common to commercial offices.

  • Walls – Not only can SERVPRO work to preserve drywall and interior walls, but we also carefully clean and restore the large glass windows surrounding the showroom to return their aesthetic appeal.

  • Contents – The inventory, electronics, furniture, and personal items are cataloged for damage individually and treated on-site to remove soot and smoke damage. 

  • Offices – From cleaning up the carpeted flooring to covering the desks and electronics to prevent soot damage, we focus on a high level of cleaning for these personal spaces.

Getting your business back on its feet after a fire is a priority of our SERVPRO of Bridgewater team. We can help 24/7 when you call (908) 222-2020.

Class Has Begun: SERVPRO Instructs on How to Remove Water From Schools in Bridgewater

3/18/2022 (Permalink)

Classroom in Bridgewater Don't let a water loss event interrupt their learning. Call to remediate the damage.

Fast Extraction for Your Bridgewater School Water Loss

While we have many tools that can help to remove standing water from Bridgewater schools in the event of substantial water loss incidents and flooding, one of the most convenient of these pieces of equipment would be the portable submersible pumps. We strive to provide the most effective removal of standing water and moisture within saturated structural elements and construction materials. Our team has an immediate response to significant loss incidents, rolling out from our facility with an extensive inventory of recovery equipment to begin mitigation work as soon as the team arrives at the school.

We understand it is vital to get the doors open again to a Bridgewater school after a substantial water damage incident, so we work quickly to get water removal actions immediately. With the pressures to get students back into the facility for learning and the faculty that depends on the structure for their pay, addressing standing water in some regions of the institution is nothing that should get left to ill-equipped or under-trained custodial staff that do not have the experience in disaster relief that our SERVPRO team does.

Our professionals can quickly contain the pooling water into the affected areas of the building and work to keep these effects from spreading elsewhere throughout the facility. While we have extractor trucks that have the capability of removing water at a rate of 300 psi, in many situations, the same effect can get reached efficiently with our smaller, mobile units like sump pumps and wet-vacs with extraction wands.

While elements like linoleum tile flooring can resist much of the penetration from pooling water, construction materials like drywall and carpeting are less able to resist saturation. We can assess the full scope of this damage and the spread of saturation with the use of thermal imagery cameras and detection equipment. These can also be vital components to understanding our progress with drying, extraction, and other restorative actions.

Water loss incidents in a school can require immediate and thorough cleanup and drying to ensure that the doors open up again quickly. Our SERVPRO of Bridgewater professionals can make these effects “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime at (908) 222-2020.

Flood Damage Can Ravage Your Liberty Corner Commercial Space

1/30/2022 (Permalink)

Call now graphic Commercial flood damage restoration services by SERVPRO are top-notch. No matter the size of disaster we have the manpower.

Call SERVPRO to Your Liberty Corner Business for Rapid Flood Damage Cleanup

Interior flooding within any building can have questionable factors in terms of contamination. With most Liberty Corner commercial properties, you may run the risk of chemicals and other contaminants within the water – even if the flooding is from a burst pipe. It is better to avoid DIY cleanup as it may not address chemicals like pesticides, petroleum, and other toxic elements. SERVPRO follows detailed protocols on handling category three water emergency events to ensure your restoration project goes as smoothly as possible.

When you contact SERVPRO for commercial flood damage in Liberty Corner, our services include:

  • Rapid response to facilitate water mitigation to prevent further damage
  • Removals, cleaning, and restoration of your business and all impacted contents
  • Water removal services using advanced extraction equipment and techniques
  • Dehumidification and drying of all affected materials

Many items touched by category three floodwater may require disposal, including upholstery, carpeting, and other porous materials. We also offer convenient pack-out services where items get relocated for off-site cleaning and safe storage while the project continues.

In some instants, our SERVPRO technicians utilize what is known as low-grain refrigerant dehumidifiers (LGR), which help to remove water vapors. Our drying and dehumidification efforts help reduce moisture levels to restore relative humidity, which keeps the potential for mold growth at a minimum as we work. The team also has various moisture detection tools like sensors, monitors, and thermal imaging equipment to ensure no moisture gets left behind.

For your project to get the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned seal of approval, our water restoration technicians (WRT) take the time to thoroughly clean, sanitize, and deodorize all surfaces. Everything gets done to ensure your business is ready for your employees and customers to re-enter safely after the flooding emergency.

Call SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020 whenever you need help with commercial flood damage. We are here to get your business back on track fast!

Bridgewater Commercial Kitchens Require Skilled Fire Damage Help

1/13/2022 (Permalink)

Man standing with SERVPRO hardhat on and iPad in hand, and text on graphic that reads Here to Help SERVPRO commercial damage restoration services are second to none. We are here to help 24/7 365 days a year.

SERVPRO Tackles Fire Damage in Bridgewater Restaurants or Commercial Kitchens

Whenever there is a fire in a Bridgewater commercial kitchen, restaurant, or bakery, our team at SERVPRO is here to help. Not only do we offer 24/7 response for emergencies, but you can also trust that we have all of the equipment and products for the project in our fully stocked Green Fleet of vehicles. Because we arrive within just hours of your initial call to our office, you can see why We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

We adapt accordingly to assist with any fire damage in Bridgewater that our customers encounter. However, when it comes to something like a commercial kitchen, there will be unique residues to handle from protein-laden smoke that calls for specialized methods. Fires can break out whenever there is a grease trap build-up that translates to issues within the ducts. We handle all of the debris clean-up, smoke remediation, and reconstruction to make your business “Like it never even happened.”

Our Emergency READY Profile (ERP) to the Rescue

You can work with SERVPRO in advance for your ERP. Once in place, we already have pertinent details that allow us to handle your fire damage or any other emergency cleanup. To develop your ERP, we will:

  • Perform a no-cost assessment
  • Put together a profile document with all details required should an emergency arise
  • Develop a guide that will help you get back on track after a fire or another disaster
  • Designate your local SERVPRO franchise as your top choice for a mitigation and restoration provider
  • Establish a chain of command to authorize any necessary work
  • Set up a quick reference guide on facility details on locations of priority areas, shut-off valve locations, and more

No matter what type of fire damage situation you have in your commercial building, SERVPRO of Bridgewater is here to help with rapid response and proven methods. Call us at (908) 222-2020 when you need us!

Cleaning Up Water Damage in a Bridgewater Restaurant Dining Area

10/28/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians with equipment Our technicians are prepared with the training and state of the art equipment your property needs after a water incident.

There are Many Obstacles to Restoring Water-Damaged Areas of Your Bridgewater Business. 

Whether it is a leak in the fire suppression system, a burst pipe in the plumbing, or unexpected flooding, your restaurant can be heavily impacted by water damages. With skilled professionals accredited and trained through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), we have solid mitigation strategies to make water damage “Like it never even happened.”

Water Removal Services Prevent Further Damage 

Removing standing water is one of the first measures that our professionals take to overcome water damage in Bridgewater restaurants. With various materials affected by pooling, several extraction devices and equipment is necessary, including:

  • Carpet wands
  • Wet vacuums
  • Pumps
  • Mopping/Toweling

Protecting Furniture and Contents 

Wooden furniture like the booths and chair legs can deteriorate and warp under direct exposure. For loose contents, relocation can prevent considerable loss and provide a dry, climate-controlled space for restoration and surface cleaning needed. Stationary fixtures like booths can be dried with air movers and kept covered and secure from migrating water damage while restoration continues.

Mold Prevention Solutions Are Critical 

After prolonged moisture exposure, the threats of secondary effects like mold growth cannot be ignored. Microbial colonies can develop within days of moisture exposure, leaving organic materials like the furniture, flooring, and wood trims vulnerable to this damaging organism. Mitigative solutions should include mold inhibiting spray and sporicidal products.

When your restaurant suffers water damage, especially in the dining area, immediate actions are needed to prevent this situation from becoming an insurmountable loss. With the fast response of our SERVPRO of Bridgewater team, mitigation services can get underway immediately to start restoring the building. Call us today at (908) 222-2020.

How Should Bridgewater Restaurants Get Rid of Mold Damage?

8/30/2021 (Permalink)

mold spore Mold remediation for your commercial building is a job for SERVPRO. Our techs are ready 24/7 365 days a year.

Work With SERVPRO Mold Remediation Experts to get Cooking Again.

Struggling with mold damage in your Bridgewater cafe is frustrating and can be frightening. You know building inspectors look for evidence of mold spread and can shut you down if you and your staff cannot bring an infestation under control. Even more worrisome is the risk patrons will catch a glimpse or whiff of musty-smelling fungal growth, an off-putting experience they might share on reviews or with family and friends.

Can SERVPRO Mold Specialists Help with Both Current Mold Remediation and Future Mold Damage?

Mold damage in Bridgewater restaurants is a common challenge, but with help from SERVPRO, you will find removing active mold colonies and inhibiting new growth is attainable. Reasons unappetizing mold finds restaurants a favorable environment include steamy kitchens, dishwashing areas, spill-prone bars, and the reality that mold spores are everywhere inside and out, awaiting the opportunity to absorb water and multiply. SERVPRO provides comprehensive mold inspections, remediation, and removal:

  • Our technicians train to find and follow water damage and migration pathways, ensuring we also locate the mold.
  • Essential to our services is helping limit water damage that causes mold growth (including reducing high restaurant kitchen humidity by recommending and using properly working exhaust systems).
  • SERVPRO adheres to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocol to contain and remove mold organisms, dispose of moldy materials, and apply EPA-registered antimicrobials.
  • Remediators work swiftly because we understand that even a brief hiatus for your business risks permanent closure.

Give the mold remediation team at SERVPRO of Bridgewater the chance to get your eatery cleaned, sanitized, and ready for the noon rush and happy hour. Call (908) 222-2020 for professional assessment and a workable solution.

What Is The Best Response To Fire Damage In A Bridgewater Hotel After A Flash Fire?

7/29/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicles parked outside hotel You can count on SERVPRO's skilled technicians to restore your hotel after fire damage. Just call (908) 222-2020.

SERVPRO Delivers Fire Restoration Services that Guarantee Re-establishment of Sanitary Conditions

A flash fire may not leave significant damages in your Bridgewater hotel if you manage to put it out in good time. However, since it is characterized by high temperature and a rapidly moving flame front, it might leave residues and unwanted odors in unexpected areas.

Apart from dealing with the physical fire damage, your Bridgewater hotel also needs other processes to ensure sanitary conditions. Our SERVPRO teams help by containing the affected areas, thus halting cross-contamination. We also clean heavily soiled surfaces such as tiles to restore food-grade cleanliness. We achieve this by combining various resources, including training, experience, and advanced equipment.

The Right Resources Are Crucial in Addressing Many Unique Problems During:

  • Fire damage restoration
  • Smoke remediation
  • Water & fire damage restorations
  • Fire restoration

Flash fires in hotel kitchens mostly involve grease or protein, among other materials. When such materials combust, they tend to leave smelly and sometimes invisible residues. The extreme temperatures tend to open up pores on surfaces driving residues deeper into the surfaces. 

Our SERVPRO technicians use specially formulated cleaning agents that can lift away the stubborn residues from surfaces. Sometimes, our crews' patience cultivated over the years is the answer since a single application might not suffice. 

Physical agitation also helps. We use various equipment, including pressure washers and rotating brushes, to provide the necessary agitation power. Our SERVPRO crews also clean areas beyond the directly affected areas, thus eliminating all traces of residues.

SERVPRO of Bridgewater is a seasoned service provider dealing with fire damage in business premises. You can reach us at (908) 222-2020. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Mold Damage Removal for Your Bridgewater Bakery

5/20/2021 (Permalink)

mold damage ceiling Mold and microbial growth restoration can cause health effects. SERVPRO IICRC certified techs are trained and ready at a moment's notice.

Mold can shut down your Bridgewater's favorite food places if not cared for properly. 

Bakeries like your Bridgewater establishment stay busy with a steady production of delicious food items, bread products, and other delicacies your patrons enjoy. Situations like mold and microbial growth are never far away, and that does not mean the mold that you might have spotted on a pastry that's sat out too long. The mold that affects your building can spread quickly and become a disastrous scenario for a business owner without the appropriate intervention from a team that knows the latest remediation approaches.

Combating mold damage in your Bridgewater bakery begins with having the right professionals respond to the situation promptly. Our SERVPRO professionals not only can arrive quickly to damaging scenarios for your business, but we have years of training and expertise under our belt to help make a recovery seamless. Our technicians have accreditations through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in not only Applied Microbial Remediation (AMRT) but also related niches like Water Restoration (WRT) and Applied Structural Drying (ASD.)

As an establishment for food and beverages, the presence of mold might require an immediate closing of your doors to customers until the situation can get resolved and documented. Containment work needs to begin right away, and our team has unique approaches to limit the spread of this organism throughout the rest of the building. Through the combined use of physical barriers and advanced tools like air scrubbers and negative air chambers, we can stop the spread of mold colonization and begin removing the organism where it gets found.

While much of the approach rests on the severity of the situation, our SERVPRO professionals often lean towards removal approaches like media blasting. This abrasive cleaning solution can eliminate the entire hyphae, often without damaging the substrate of the material hosting the colony.

Mold recovery can become a long and involved process without responding to the situation as it gets discovered. Help your business get the doors back open again quickly by reaching out to our SERVPRO of Bridgewater remediation specialists. Give us a call anytime at (908) 222-2020 to make mold damage "Like it never even happened."

How to Protect Office Carpets from Mold Damage

3/26/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle with equipment SERVPRO will get to the root of your mold problem and work to eliminate and prevent further growth. Call us today for assistance.

Prevention is Better Than Cure for Bridgewater Carpets

A moldy carpet might not be top of your list of business concerns, but in fact, it is essential to be aware of the risks. Fungus growing in your office carpet can damage and discolor the mat, smell musty, and might cause health effects.

There are several things you can do to prevent mold damage to Bridgewater office carpets:

  • Replace carpets in wet areas such as kitchens or bathrooms with linoleum.
  • Run dehumidifiers in the office to keep humidity down – mold thrives in damp places.
  • Clean up any spills immediately.
  • Be mindful of leaks, damp patches on nearby walls, or wet spots on carpets – clean them up immediately and call the experts if you need help.

In the event of a spill or leak in the office, call SERVPRO. We can assess the situation and set up a drying environment to dry out carpets and discourage mold growth. Our team has air movers, fans, portable heaters, and dehumidifiers on hand to dry out damp areas.

Do not leave mold damage to chance. If you are concerned, contact SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020.

What Happens to Office Supplies after Flood Damage?

3/10/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Regardless of the way that your property was flooded, SERVPRO is the effective company for water removal services. Call right away.

SERVPRO Helps Basking Ridge Businesses Dry up

Basking Ridge is a charming unincorporated community located in the Somerset Hills area of New Jersey. The town has a population of just 26,747 and yet is filled with green spaces and historical sites. Despite its size, Basking Ridge is home to Verizon Wireless, Barnes & Noble College division, Vencore Labs, and Collabera. Basking Ridge is also a pretty town where you can enjoy simply strolling around the streets admiring the quaint architecture or stopping off at once of the independent coffee houses or ice cream parlors downtown.

History is all Around in Basking Ridge

You are never far from a historic site in Basking Ridge. While you are here, be sure to stop and see:

  • The Lord Stirling Manor Site was the site of a house belonging to William Alexander, Lord Stirling, a Major General of the Revolutionary War. Although the house is no longer standing, the site is occupied by a mail-order house from the 1920s, which is a beautiful authentic piece of architecture. 
  • The Presbyterian Church is an excellent example of Greek Revival architecture from 1839. The grounds used to be home to the White Oak, which was 600 years old and one of the oldest oaks in America. The preacher's James Davenport and George Whitfield preached under it. Although the tree no longer stands, the congregation planted an acorn from it in the hopes of growing another fine specimen. 
  • The Brick Academy is a federal-style brick building from 1809. It was originally a school and is now the headquarters of The Historical Society of the Somerset Hills. You will find a small museum, a historic schoolroom, and a research room. You can even take a virtual tour online from the comfort of your home.

If you want to explore the area around Basking Ridge, you might like to take a train from Lyons Station. Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western Railroad built the station in 1931, and it was the last station they made in New Jersey. The station has been lovingly restored thanks to a grant, and while it is a perfectly functioning train station, it is also a slice of history worth visiting.

You can get the train from Lyons Station to nearby Liberty Corner. The Historic District of Liberty Corner features eclectic revival houses, a stunning clapboard church, and even a golf museum! If you feel brave, you can visit Pharelock Castle, a turreted Norman-style castle that locals believe is haunted.

SERVPRO Helps Businesses Salvage Office Supplies

With several companies headquartered here, a reliable flood damage cleanup service is a must. If your business suffers flood damage, you might be concerned about your office supplies. Thankfully, we can clean and restore items in many cases, so you do not have to pay to replace them. For example, we can:

  • Use freeze-drying to rescue water-damaged documents.
  • Call in electricians to assess electronic devices.
  • Put window blinds in ultrasonic cleaning tanks.
  • Wash and dry drapes.
  • Carry out stain and odor removal on office furniture.

The extent of repairs depends on how much water flooded your office and whether contaminants are present in the water. For help and advice, call SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020.

Engage with Bridgewater's Colonial History on a Winter Trip to the Wallace House & Old Dutch Parsonage State Historic Sites.

12/25/2020 (Permalink)

Portrait of George Washington. Winter time may cause water damage from frozen pipes amongst other ways. Call the pros in SERVPRO to mitigate your water damage.

Bridgewater Residents and Visitors Can Learn a Unique Piece of Local History by Joining the Weekly Guided Tours of Historic Sites.

The Wallace House of 71 Somerset Street was the winter headquarters of George Washington during the American Revolutionary War. Tours run from late December through January while visitors also explore the founding father, George Washington's, winter dwellings. The two historic sites are managed by the Wallace House Association (WHA), which maintains and runs the daily tours. The WHA also runs seasonal events, including open house days that allow guests to attend unique historical lectures and Q&A sessions.

  • The WHA funding comes mainly from patron donations, while the State of New Jersey allocates a small budget.
  • To become a patron, you can sign up through the WHA website and receive regular updates on special tours and programs throughout the year. 
  • Adults and children of all ages are welcome to attend the tours, which occur every day from Wednesday to Saturday.

Businesses may find their premises suffering from water intrusion this winter. Contact SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020 for commercial specialist restoration.

Who Should I Call About the Water Damage at My Business?

10/19/2020 (Permalink)

wet carpet in office hallway We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. SERVPRO works quickly to mitigate the water damage to your Bridgewater office

Bridgewater Businesses Dealing with Water Damage Can Find the Help They Need from the Professionals at SERVPRO

Facing a disaster of any kind when it comes to your Bridgewater business location can be an overwhelming experience, to say the least. Water loss, on any level, is one such disaster. Being confronted with such a situation can leave you frustrated, frantic, and potentially heartbroken when it comes to the damage done. It is essential in such a situation to get professional help fast.

When it comes to issues with water damage in Bridgewater, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, which means, with SERVPRO, help is on the way in the timeliest fashion possible. But our ability to respond is only the beginning. We also deal with water removal and the resulting damage with top-notch professionalism, and we use the best techniques and equipment available to get the job done right. Dealing with water loss is a multi-faceted issue, with many components that must be dealt with properly to restore your business and related items to their former state. A few issues resulting from water build-up include:

  • Rusting, odor development, and staining
  • Water absorption in soft, porous materials, which can result in damage inside and out, including controlled demolition and removal
  • Peeling, warping, and weakening of porous materials that have taken on water

All of this is considered ‘water damage’ and must be dealt with expeditiously if your place of business is to be salvaged and restored on any level.

What Does SERVPRO Do to Get Things Back to Normal?

First, our highly trained technicians focus on the removal of the water in the affected building. Depending on the area or items that have taken on water, we use a variety of equipment and techniques to dry things out. For example, the use of dehumidifiers and air movers is essential to the drying process, and we use a variety of proven methods of setting up of this equipment to make sure the job is done efficiently. This is just the beginning, however; throughout the process, we can use all available resources and knowledge to set things right once again.

Water damage to your business can be devastating, but we have the experience and resources to minimize the impact. By calling SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020 you can get the help you need, and it will seem "Like it never even happened."

Can You Keep Your Craft Store in Bridgewater Safe From Mold Damage?

9/21/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing on wall If you are concerned about mold in your business, call SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020.

Bridgewater Shop Owners Are Anxious To Avoid Mold Damage?

Owning a craft store in Bridgewater is a labor of love. You need to invest in stock, staff, and your building. Naturally, you do not want to lose any stock if you can avoid it, as that would mean paying out more dollars to replace it.

Mold damage to your Bridgewater craft store is bad news for your inventory. Mold needs five things to grow:

    •    Moisture
    •    The correct temperature
    •    Darkness
    •    Oxygen
    •    An organic food source

Unfortunately, paper and fabric-based craft materials are an ideal food source for mold. If your inventory is stored in a dark storeroom or tucked away at the back of shelves on the shop floor, fungus can infiltrate.

How can I prevent mold damage in my store?
Because mold loves dark, moist corners, the best thing you can do to protect your shop is to create a drier atmosphere. SERVPRO suggests:

    •    Running a dehumidifier on the shop floor and in storage areas
    •    Making sure your HVAC system is running properly
    •    Fixing leaky doors, windows, gutters, or roof tiles as soon as you spot them
    •    Carrying out regular walk-throughs of your premises to check for potential problems

It is also a good idea to store your craft materials on raised shelves above the floor and away from the walls.? If you notice signs of mold, do not try to remedy it yourself, as this can make things worse. Instead, call us immediately – we are available 24 hours a day.

How can SERVPRO help?
Our staff includes specially trained mold remediation specialists who know how to handle a mold situation.

We will set up containment in the affected area so the spores cannot escape and spread throughout your store. If necessary, we can use a negative air machine to vent contaminated air outside.

Our team uses various techniques to deal with mold, including HEPA vacuuming, scrubbing, wiping, antimicrobial treatments, and baking soda blasting. We know which method best suits each situation.

When we are finished, we will deodorize your store. We use air scrubbers, and sometimes foggers or ozone generators, to clean the air and leave your shop smelling fresh and welcoming. If you are concerned about mold in your business, call SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020.

How Fast Can My Restaurant Reopen After Water Damage?

7/30/2020 (Permalink)

"Come in we're open" We understand the importance of getting back to business as usual. We will have you back up and running in no time at all.

SERVPRO technicians have the knowledge and equipment to get your Bridgewater eatery reopened quickly after a water loss incident.

When you have a business that relies on foot traffic for the on-going success of your company, something like a supply line break or other plumbing issues can derail your business until the water gets removed. This is a situation you should hand off to a professional restoration services company in Bridgewater, to ensure that your restaurant gets cleaned, dried, and sanitized to meet health department standards for food prep so you can reopen without issue. 

Does My Restaurant Need to Have Everything Moved Out to For Commercial Water Cleanup?

SERVPRO techs have extensive training for commercial water cleanup in Bridgewater properties and try to limit the disruption to the contents of the property as much as possible during mitigation. Drying in place actions include:   

  • Placing tables on blocks and moving out chairs during extraction and drying
  • Removal of food prep equipment out of the loss area for deep cleaning
  • Use of sanitizing cleaners to ensure no bacteria gets left behind

In cases of extreme loss, the techs may need to perform a pack out to mitigation the loss. With their Contents Claim Inventory System (CCIS), the techs catalog and document each item as to its condition and location within the restaurant, so when the restoration services complete, the things get put back in place. 

Why Does My Business Need to Close During Water Loss Mitigation? 

In a business that the public frequents, the people entering your restaurant expect the property to be safe. A wet floor can leave your patrons at risk of slip and fall accidents. Bacteria may be present, and if the water contains sewage or solid waste, it is dangerous to come into contact with or aspirate. The techs have protective clothing that allows them to extract the water and dispose of loss items safely. They also have the testing equipment to determine any pathogens or bacteria that are present, so the appropriate cleaning agents get chosen to eliminate them. 

Common Damages Seen in Commercial Properties  

Flooring by far gets the brunt of water loss, and glue-down tile and carpet fare the worst as when exposed to excessive moisture, they delaminate and allow seepage into the substrate below. Composite flooring tends to deteriorate upon exposure and, in most situations, is a loss.

When moisture gets left behind, it can cause foul odors and, in some cases, mold growth. When cleaning a restaurant, the techs pay special attention to areas of excessive moisture, as found through the use of their detection equipment to ensure that nothing gets left behind.   

Sheetrock wicks water rapidly upon exposure, and when that happens, the result is to buckle or warp. When this occurs, the techs use their moisture detection equipment to determine if the water is behind walls or under flooring, so nothing gets removed that does not need it. This controlled demolition limits the number of building materials that get disposed of so the property owner does not end up replacing an entire wall when only the bottom portion of the sheetrock got affected by the water loss. 

The techs set up a cleaning station to handle any contents that require cleaning for reuse. Immersion cleaning is the most common method. 

Drying and Disinfection are Pivotal to a Rapid Reopening  

The drying process is more than setting up fans and hoping for the best. SERVPRO techs use their equipment to monitor the process carefully and assure that preset drying goals get attained. They take air measurements during the process to determine if additional air movers and dehumidifiers are necessary to stay on track.   

Once the site is confirmed as dry, the techs wipe down the tables, and loss area to sanitize surfaces and ready the property for any needed repairs. SERVPRO has rolled out our unique program--Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned--to provide exceptional applications of disinfectants. In cases where the water loss included sewage, such as a toilet backup, the restaurant may require odor control measures. Frequently turned to include:   

  • Time-release gel pellets for on-going scent control 
  • Thermal fogging which neutralizes surface and embedded odors
  • Hydroxyl generators which work to eradicate airborne particulate 

In many situations, the techs rely on multiple applications for odor control. They may use all three methods or a combination to ensure the property has no residual scents lingering behind once the mitigation efforts complete.

When your property needs commercial water cleanup, contact SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020. The certified technicians have extensive training in the safe handling and restoration from any size water loss problem.

How Can I Get My Business Back Up and Running After a Water Spill?

5/26/2020 (Permalink)

insurance policy Having water damage in your Bridgewater business? Call the pros in SERVPRO to mitigate your water problem and insurance issues.

Call SERVPRO to help Reopen Your Business Quickly and Safely

For a small business like a corner market, closing up for even a day is too much. Shutting down to remove water and restore your business for a longer period can mean a major loss of income. Also, every business in Bridgewater is more important to its customers than ever before.

How can SERVPRO get my store reopened quicker than another Restoration Service?

When it comes to dealing with commercial water damage in Bridgewater, SERVPRO teams can perform every task, short of a major rebuild, needed to reopen your business; so, we lose no time having to deal with sub-contractors. Our technicians have access to the latest equipment in the restoration industry, and their training is extensive; to include water removal, drying the structure and property, construction, and electrical repair.

How much is this going to cost?

That depends on the amount of damage to your Bridgewater store and what your insurance policy covers. Our office works closely with many agencies licensed in the state and makes certain we do nothing, without your approval, that is not covered.

If you have had any damage or loss to your business, call SERVPRO of Bridgewater at (908) 222-2020 today.

How Do I Remove Oily Residues from My Restaurant Kitchen? 

5/21/2020 (Permalink)

fire damage in kitchen Don't be concerned with fire damage in your Bridgewater home. Call SERVPRO to handle all of the problems.

Our professionals have potent cleaning products and techniques to remove residues and soot after small kitchen flareups in your Bridgewater restaurant. 

Kitchen fires can vary in their origin, but resolving the lingering effects in your Bridgewater restaurant should be the top priority. Losses like odors, airborne contaminants, ash, and soot can all migrate a considerable distance from the ignition point. 

A small kitchen flareup can lead to multiple layers of fire damage in your Bridgewater restaurant. In particular, grease fires can leave a thick film on surfaces like stainless steel shelving and countertops. Not only can this be challenging to clean thoroughly, but these conditions can promote more significant loss effects like harsh odors.

What Specific Cleaning Techniques Work Best for Residue Removal? 

Oily residues can describe many of the thick layers of carcinogens and grease that must get cleaned. There are multiple effective strategies for overcoming these effects, including: 

  • Water-based solvents
  • Abrasive cleaning techniques
  • Soda/media blasting

Fire losses like kitchen flareups can spread destructive loss effects like oily residues and foul odors throughout the kitchen and even the dining areas. Our SERVPRO of Bridgewater team can help with an efficient and thorough cleaning and deodorization. Give us a call today at (908) 222-2020.

Is There A Wrong Response Plan To Water Damage In A Bridgewater Footwear Store?

4/27/2020 (Permalink)

Shoe store aisle SERVPRO of Bridgewater is well equipped to handle water emergencies in your footwear store.

Call SERVPRO to Help Address Challenges that Commercial Water Damage Incidents in Bridgewater Present

Sudden water intrusion in a business premise is not ideal since it halts normal business operations. In a footwear store, you might not worry much since most of your inventory is placed on raised displays or storage shelves, limiting exposure to water. You might consider water extraction and general cleanup as the only necessary response processes. However, additional problems can crop up depending on the kind of intrusion that occurs and the layout of your store.

Where are problems likely to develop?
Simple things can complicate or ruin the outcome of your response to commercial water damage incidents in Bridgewater. Our SERVPRO technicians help with issues such as:

    •    Inventory tracking
    •    Saving or restoring floor materials

Dealing with furniture and fixtures
Considering the different shoe types and sizes in your stock, rearranging the store after completing water extraction and cleanup can be burdensome if you fail to follow systemic procedures when moving items off the shelves during restoration. Our technicians use procedures that help ease such burden, such as using boxes to hold items taken off shelves. Collecting the items by row or other classification and using inventory sheets to keep records of where the contents of each box belong makes it easy to rearrange the store after fixing the loss, “Like it never even happened.”

How adverse can water damage the floor?
The highly polished or robust floor that handles regular foot traffic at your store can develop problems after a water spill. Standard floor types include:

    •    Carpet
    •    Laminate
    •    Hardwood
    •    Tiles

Unlike when washing the surfaces whereby you control the amount of water used and spread patterns, water spills introduce indiscriminate amounts of water within a short period. You are likely to end up with water intrusion below the surface. Conventional extraction methods such as mopping only remove the water on the surface, leaving a festering problem. Our SERVPRO can deal with such penetration using specialized equipment such as drying mats in case of hard floors or remove carpets for better drying.

SERVPRO of Bridgewater is well equipped to handle water emergencies. Call us at (908) 222-2020 to help.

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We Discuss Demolition and Framing Recovery in Bridgewater

11/13/2019 (Permalink)

A office with chairs and desks with standing water. There is no job too big or too small, give us a call at (908) 222-2020.

Demolition and Framing Recovery in Bridgewater Offices

After substantial water loss incidents in Bridgewater office buildings, it is often necessary for saturated materials to get removed and later replaced. Large commercial structures feature metal framework for hanging drywall with uniform cavities for the storage of electrical conduit, plumbing, and other utility services. Flooding can damage many materials, yet this metal framework can almost always get salvaged by our qualified and trained SERVPRO flood recovery specialists.

As problematic as standing water can be for your office, flood damage in Bridgewater businesses can become costly and time-consuming without controlled demolition efforts. Excessive material removal and demolition are not always necessary, and the determination of which portions of drywall, carpeting, trim, and ceiling materials must get removed falls to the trained eye of our crew chief and production manager. We can document initial findings in our DryBook software to best determine the extent and scope of flood migration, and which materials have become the most heavily impacted by the disaster.

Controlled demolition becomes the responsibility of our licensed general contractors. With experience in commercial construction and nearly all of the building trades, we can remove only the affected drywall, carpeting, and other construction materials too badly saturated to remain. We can also utilize this time to remove at-risk content like the office desks, computers, and essential documentation to prevent irreparable loss. Once these damaged materials have been removed, we can access the exposed cavities with drying tools like our centrifugal air movers and our desiccant dehumidifiers.

Exposed metal framing is often easier to dry and clean than the wood framing typical to house construction. Because it has a natural aversion to water penetration, metal framing only requires extraction and drying efforts to restore fully. In situations where contamination might be a concern, this framing can get cleaned with biocides and disinfectants. Any saturated insulation in ceiling spaces or between walls can get removed with our insulation vacuum and later replaced before our SERVPRO contractors work on build back.

With the standard installation of metal framing for your office building, our SERVPRO of Bridgewater can utilize several tactics to protect this construction and limit excessive build back when possible. There is no job too big or too small, give us a call at (908) 222-2020.

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What Is Commercial Flood Damage Remediation in Bridgewater and How Does It Work?

10/13/2019 (Permalink)

A cut out of a paper home, with arms circled over the home on a desk. Flooding in your insurance agency can send many customers seeking new representation. Contact SERVPRO for immediate remediation services.

Insurance Agency Office with Commercial Flood Damage in Bridgewater Needs Fast Turnaround

Much like a professional plumber knows what to expect when a pipe breaks in his or her office, an insurance company knows the ropes when commercial flood damage strikes. 

The insurance industry is a competitive one, and when commercial flood damage hits a Bridgewater insurance agency, fast action is vital to limit loss. Fortunately, the majority of adjusters are well-versed in proactive efforts to take before the arrival of the restoration services company on-site. 

Move Furniture and Items Out of the Loss Area

Before SERVPRO technicians arrive, and if it is safe to do so, moving chairs and small objects untouched by groundwater is a good idea. The constant exposure to high humidity, if they remain in the vicinity, has the potential to cause hardwood desks and chairs to swell and deteriorate furnishings constructed from composite wood materials. Once the technicians arrive, they examine the office furnishings to find the restorability potential in each. 

Documents, Files and Computer Equipment 

Securely stored client data is the lifeblood of an insurance agency. If the company does not already have an emergency backup plan for files in a cloud environment, it is a good idea to establish one, so client information is not lost when locally stored data is lost due to unexpected server damage. The removal of both computers and paperwork should occur as fast as possible and paper products, in particular, are at risk for mold in highly humid conditions.

Water Extraction and Drying

SERVPRO technicians extract the water quickly and set up the staging area for expedient drying. Disinfection with professional-quality antibacterial and antimicrobial solutions work to return the affected areas to sanitary standards and neutralize odors. 

Repairs and Rebuilding

Before reopening, the building needs to be safe, sanitary, and ready for both employees and clients. The technicians standardly compile a list of both restoration services performed as well as any needed repairs. SERVPRO has a general contractor license and offers this service, so commercial clients have the opportunity to rely on a single company for cleanup and reconstruction of their property.

SERVPRO of Bridgewater at  (908) 222-2020 is ready 24/7 to handle commercial flood damage in local businesses and make it "Like it never even happened."

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